Team Ordinaree

When Jim Morrison said, “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.” we all felt it. While we all have a different kind of personality, we all want to know who we really are!

And since your dressing style is a reflection of your personality, being clear on who you want to present to the world is something that is super essential. If you can confidently describe your style you’re sure to choose the outfits that 100% reflect your style perfectly.

Confused? Don’t worry girls! Ordinaree is right here to help you! So our dearest #OrdinareeGirls, are you ready to find out what your extra Ordinaree personality trait is? Come, take a ride-along!

So cuties, take notes, and find out which extra-Ordinaree personality are you!


We love using #BossLady on Instagram as much as we love them in real! Take a look at some of the personality traits of a Boss Lady to know more!

  • BOSS LADY You are all about Girl Power.
  • BOSS LADYYou carry confidence like no other.
  • BOSS LADYFierce is your middle name.
  • BOSS LADYYour style is super classy.
  • BOSS LADYYou love wearing Formals.

Trendsetter Trendsetter

Trendsetters are OP! From fashion to professional, they set #majorgoals in every world, for everyone around. Wanna know if you are a trendsetter or not? Have a look.

  • TrendsetterYour fashionista files are always updated.
  • TrendsetterYou are super fun to be around.
  • TrendsetterSlaying like a queen is your motto.
  • TrendsetterYou don’t hesitate to be out of the box.
  • TrendsetterQuirky and sassy is your other name.

Spirited Traveller Free Spirited Traveller

Travelgram updates are essential and free-spirited travelers are the queens of that department! Asking how? Read on and know for yourself!

  • Spirited TravellerAdventure isn’t a choice for you. It’s a necessity.
  • Spirited TravellerGo Boho is your fashion mantra.
  • Spirited TravellerYour friends call you “Vacay Baby”.
  • Spirited TravellerYou don’t care about the stereotypical rules of society.
  • Spirited TravellerGlobe-Trotter is your first name.

Social Butterfly Social Butterfly

People, people, people! Social butterflies just love being around different people all the time! But there’s more to them. Wanna know what? Give a look!

  • Social ButterflyYou define yourself as outgoing.
  • Social ButterflySparkle and shine is your everyday goal.
  • Social ButterflyAll-nighters is what they call you.
  • Social ButterflyYour go-to look is “In-Vogue” always.
  • Social ButterflyStaying Trendy is super essential for you.