Trendy Nightwear Sets Perfect For Every Occasion

Team Ordinaree

Whether you’re out in the town at a party or working through your emails on a Monday morning, there's nothing better than ending the day in the cutest and comfiest nightwear set! And when it's chic and pretty, well, that's an added charm we all need (and our closets too!).

Be it a PJ Party with your favorite girlfriends or a cozy snuggly date with him, our range of nightwear sets will keep you covered, literally! From easy shorts to zoom meeting-ready shirts, our sets will make you feel instantly more pulled-together. Made of super-soft fabrics that feel delicious against your skin, they are a must-have.

So, we’ve rounded up your favorite nightwear styles and matched them to some very special occasions. Have a look!

Fam Jam Cards Party Fam Jam Cards Party

When it’s time to cozy up with your fave fam gang, while you take some sweet chances on cards, all you'll need is some popcorn, a cheeky glass of wine, and this softest set of jammies you’ll ever own.

Sleepover At Bff's Sleepover At Bff's

Sleepovers = Some horror movies + some late-night munching + cutest loungewear ever! This nightwear set will let you click some crazy selfies with your bestie and also keep you all snuggled while you catch some gossip!

Movie Date With Him Cozy Movie Date
With Him

Well, it's totally a date you've been waiting for and we know it! So prep up Girl! You need something super comfy, super cute, and obviously super suave! These jammies will keep you luxe and cute all at once!

Pamper Session With Girl Gang Pamper Session With Girl Gang

Little skincare, pretty nail colors, good music, and loads of insta-stories! Ahh, every girl gang's dreamy Sunday night! Well, fret not! While you give yourself some happy spoiling our nightwear set will keep you comfily sorted.

Time Frenzy Me Time Frenzy

Who doesn't love a little me time saga at night after a really long tiring day? So, while you get yourself some soft music, your fave book, and some lit-up aroma candles, our loungewear will ensure you have a sweet snuggly night-in with yourself!