Team Ordinaree

Co-ord sets are our new favorite fashion trend. And we are placing all our bets on this fashion discovery. Previously known as coordinates, co-ord sets are a matching top and bottom look. You must have seen them in the streets, on the runway, in fashion magazines. They are everywhere!

We at Ordianree are obsessed with co-ord sets, they are super trendy, fun, chic, and oh so stylish effortlessly. Wearing a matching set makes such a confident and classy fashion statement and we completely dig it.

Some of you might be a little skeptical about wearing a matchy-matchy look. It is similar to what our others used to make us wear, as kids. But don’t turn your backs on this trend girls. Co-ord sets are pure magic and you will not let go of them once you try them.

You can take your favorite co-ord sets to work, hang out with friends, date, brunch, drive, holiday or even a formal get together and they are sure to make you look your absolute best.

The best part about picking a co-ord set is that you don’t need anything else in your outfit. No more matching my top with my pants, will this crop top go with my pair of jeans? Co-ord sets are god sent, matched, and perfect in themselves. Pair them up with some stylish shoes and minimal accessories and you are ready to stun!

Take a look at Ordinaree’s glamorous co-ord sets and you will definitely be wanting more before you leave.