This Spring Season, Bloom Up Your Closet

Team Ordinaree

With the new season, comes a new closet! And especially when it’s Spring, the closet definitely needs to be freshened up. Whilst the weather might take a while to catch up, this is the perfect time to get your spring closet in order.

With happy hues, twirly vibes, and soothing shades, your Spring closet needs to be comfy and dreamy in equal measure. Worried already? Sit back Girls, Ordinaree is being your one-stop solution, yet again!

We’ve curated a Spring ready closet for you. Now, all that’s left for you is to dress up, get that cute bag, and twirl around the streets dancing along with the happy tunes. Take a look!

Thy name is color Thy name is color

This season, freshen up and color it up, all together. Adorn this stunner with some pretty flats and put your hair down, to take on the world.

Twirly Vibes Twirly Vibes

Dreaming about the happy twirls? Well, our handpainted dress will let you dance through the lyrics of Spring, beautifully.

Easy, Breezy, Sassy Easy, Breezy, Sassy

Put on this easy yet dreamy dress and get all the fairy feels, you’ve been craving for. Don’t forget to get put on a cute bag too!

Comfy Silhouettes Comfy Silhouettes

This season, it’s all about comfort. Don this trendy dress, get a cute sling bag, and walk around the streets of love.

Dreamy Diaries Dreamy Diaries

Walk into the clouds of romance and blooming tales, with this stunning co-ord set. So pretty and elegant, we’re going gaga over it.

So Girls, take some notes and re-freshen up your closet to be the queen of Spring, right away!