Discover Ordinaree's First Women's Swimwear Collection

Simran Choudhary

Guess what just made a splash? It's our first-ever swimwear set and we're calling it the Wavy Summer Collection—because why not ride the waves in style? So, why "Wavy Summer"? Well, aren't summer days just like ocean waves, unpredictable, exciting, and oh-so-inviting? Our collection promises to be your new go-to for all those wavy adventures. Whether you're planning to beach bum all day or just dip your toes in, we've got you covered—literally! And here’s the best part: you can snag just the swimwear, just the cover-up, or heck, go all out and grab both! Because more is more when you’re beaching it up, right? Let’s make this summer unforgettable with the perfect style splash! Now, let’s dive deeper into this collection that is about to make your summer wardrobe hit the high tide of trendy.

image_number Glow Swirl Swimsuit Set

Step out in style with the Glow Swirl Swimsuit Set, paired with an alluring overlay skirt for extra flair. Opt for just the eye-catching swimsuit or add the skirt for a complete, stunning look. Perfect for beach days and pool parties, mix and match to suit your vibe!

image_number Latte Lacy Swimsuit Set

Make a stylish splash with the Latte Lacy Swimsuit Set, featuring a striped swimsuit paired with an elegant white cover-up. Perfect for lounging by the pool or strolling on the beach, this combo offers versatility and chic comfort. Whether you want the swimwear or the cover-up, or both - we've got it all.

image_number Pineapple Fringed Swimsuit Set

Get tropical with the Pineapple Fringed Swimsuit Set, complete with a gorgeous color palette. Add a touch of romance with the floral cover-up, perfect for beach days and poolside lounging. Choose the swimsuit, the cover-up, or indulge in both for the ultimate summer ensemble.

image_number Flora Scallop Swimsuit Set

Dive into summer with the Flora Scallop Swimsuit Set, complemented by a chic yellow cover-up. Whether you shop the playful swimsuit, the breezy cover-up, or both, you'll be poolside-perfect. Embrace the sun in style and make a splash with this stunning ensemble!