Best Summer Fabrics for Women to Wear in 2024

Simran Choudhary

Summer’s in full swing, and here at Ordinaree, we’re turning up the heat (while keeping our cool, of course). If you’re looking to breeze through the season in outfits that are as chill as your summer vibes, you’ve hit the jackpot! Join us as we unpack the ultimate summer fabrics that blend cool comfort with killer style. Ready to beat the heat and stay fab? Let’s make this summer effortlessly unforgettable with fashion that feels as good as it looks!

image_number Cotton

Breathable and soft, cotton is a classic summer staple that keeps you cool and comfortable all day long. The Hawaiian Sunset Cotton Dress is crafted with soft cotton and features a V-shaped neckline and ruffled sleeves. It's also pleated at the hem to add some extra charm to the outfit. This is the perfect outfit to keep you feeling comfy and stylish all day long.

image_number Linen

Known for its strong and absorbent properties, linen is exceptionally breezy and ideal for high-temperature environments. The Albino Nightwear Set is both serene and soul-soothing. The linen fabric shirt has a button-down and half-sleeves. The fabric is gentle on the skin and easy to slip in and laze around the whole day. It’s true comfort wear since it has two deep pockets as well and is all you need for a sound night's sleep.

image_number Georgette

A beautifully lightweight and slightly textured fabric, georgette offers a flowy, breathable quality that makes it perfect for elegant summer outfits. The Candice Georgette Jumpsuit will put you right in the summer spirit. This absolutely charming outfit is all you need to dazzle through the jolliest season of all! P.S: We love the sheer detailing on the waist that makes this outfit a real head-turner.

image_number Lurex

Known for its shimmering appearance, Lurex adds a sparkly twist to any summer outfit. This lightweight fabric is perfect for glamorous summer evenings. The Gold Rush Jumpsuit shimmers and sparkles, making it the perfect choice for any special occasion. The jumpsuit features alluring strappy sleeves that add a touch of allure to your shoulders. The waistline is adorned with a bling detail, creating a dazzling focal point.

image_number Chinon

A lightweight and durable fabric, Chinon is a variant of chiffon that boasts a more lustrous finish. Embrace the Dijon Dream Co-ord Set, where mustard meets ruffles in a symphony of style. This cute top and coordinating pieces set the tone for a playful yet chic look, perfect for adding a dash of sunshine to your wardrobe.