5 Outfits To Match Your Every Mood | Ordinaree

Team Ordinaree

You just woke up. You've put your hair in a bun & freshened up a tad bit. You grab that warm coffee and while you take your first sip you're standing right in front of your closet, thinking what to wear?

Sounds familiar? Well, we've found a trick to solve it.  Whenever you’re overwhelmed with fashion choices or just too busy to overthink your clothes, basing your outfit around your mood is a great strategy to try.Your style says a lot about you! Hanging out? You need a good dress. Feeling kinda dull? Cute prints are a must and so on. Hence we, at Ordinaree, have put together 5 outfits to let the world know how you’re feeling! Take a look!

Girls, express yourself through fashion with Ordinaree and take on each day just like you - Strong, Sassy, Superb!

String Cotton Day Dress Busy & Booked

We know you've got a lot on your plate today! Why not put on something easy, breezy, and hassle-free? Our String Cotton Day Dress will get you going!

Dull, Bored, Blah Dull, Bored, Blah

We all have our low days! But hey, not anymore! Our Cardinal Co-ord Set will keep you cheery and delighted all day long!

Let's Get Flirting Let's Get Flirting

Got a date on cards? Get that flirty vibe on with our super suave yet chic Sirocco Cotton Dress . Pastels + flowy = Perfect!

Catch Up Hey, Let's
Catch Up!

Plans sorted? Meeting your BFF to gossip! Well, our Sable Romper is all that you need. Put on your comfy sneakers and that's all!

Ready To Roll Ready To Roll!

Whoop! Easy, Girl! Got that big thing lined up? Well, we'll add some more cheery flair to it with our Eden Co-ord Set . Go. Go. Go!