5 Fashion Stereotypes Every Woman Should Break Now

Team Ordinaree

For years women have been told there are certain rules to fashion that they need to follow. Well, guess what! The new fashion rule is that there are no rules! It's 2022 and every woman should only wear what makes her happy, comfortable, and confident.

Join in as we break some old-school fashion stereotypes and make some Extra Ordinaree bold moves to the fashion industry!.

Number Image Crop tops are for thin women

Hey Boss Babe, whatever might be your build, if you want to rock a crop top, you do it Girl.

image_number Dusky people should not wear bright

Skin Color? Duh. A lot of amazing women have been rocking bright color outfits despite being dark-skinned. So you can do it too!

image_number Black is for women of large size

With easy pants and jacket so featherlight, it will keep you comfortably stylish all day long. The pockets? Well, who can say no to them!

image_number Print on print is too old school

Prints have always been in! From florals to stripes, prints will always rule the fashion charts.

Number Image Sleeveless is not for plus-size women

Worrying about flabby arms? Get on Girl. Bag that sleeveless dress, pair it with your fave bling, and BOOM.