5 Colors Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Team Ordinaree

Bored of your regular monotonous closet? Want to have a remarkable (and colorful) comeback? Well, it’s the time! From single, vibrantly hued statement pieces, to the subtly paired monochromes to playful primaries or head-to-toe monotones, colorful ensembles are making a crazy and cool comeback, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Colors are a significant way of communication, and it’s also one of the ways we self-identify. Clothing colors carry tons of emotions and it not only represents a mood but can also change the mood when paired with some unique beautiful jewelry sets. So what are you waiting for girls? Make colors your fashion language!

Dress to fill all the freshness and joy of colors in your closet with Ordinaree’s latest collection!

Girls, splurge your closet with happy, joyful yet soothing hues. Check out our collection made with hues that will make everyone swoon over you, instantly!

Blue Blue

Calm and Freedom

A constant representative of the sky and the sea, Blue symbolizes loyalty and stability like no other. Grab this Crete Long Dress to bring out the calmness and beauty within you!

Green Green

Fresh and Rejuvenating

Craving the feeling of being energetic and lively? Then Go Green! Wear a beautiful green shade dress to mark newness with all the fresh vibes full of joy and life. Be ready for any occasion with Ordinaree’s Neptune Cotton Dress

Pink Pink

Chic and Fun

Pink is all rage in every season and for a cause! This color is a standout punch in boredom and radiates feminine vibes in a color-muted crowd. Wear this Cameo Midi Dress and be the queen of impressions whether you are in the board rooms or at a zoom meeting!


Yellow Yellow

Bright and Warm

Nothing can be more joyful than the color yellow! Giving a whole new vibe and fresh energy this color screams happy out loud. Wear this Yellow Chiffon Floral Dress with comfy fabrics. Pair it with beautiful accessories and spread a little "pixie dust" wherever you go.

White White

Peaceful and Serene

White carries simplicity with a dash of elegance. Formal or casuals, white ensembles are always a must for your closet! Be a stunning beauty in this Remi Cotton Co-ord Set.