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About us ordinaree


Our intent is to create clothing that is first and foremost Art, and then Functional. Our design ethos is to make clothes that stand out and turn heads whilst remaining conscious of our beautiful planet and its needs.

Ordinaree draws inspiration from nature and the powerful energy, of a woman. The two according to us are intertwined and codependent. This is where the brand's name - Ordi-naree, comes from.

We are a sustainable clothing brand. Focused on creating employment opportunities within the craft community through our practices. We source most of our materials locally and are very conscious of our actions and their impact on the planet.

Great endeavors often have ordinary beginnings, we aim to unite like-minded people with our aesthetic ideals. We believe in handcrafting our products, our pieces are perfectly imperfect and uniquely nuanced like nature, no two things are ever the same. We concentrate a lot of our design sensibilities on creating quality clothing, which has elements of careful attention to detail.


ORDINAREE was conceptualized by 23 years old Simran Choudhary in January 2020 as she was on the verge of finishing college & officially launched in July 2020. With keen attention to detail and a sense of fun, her aim is to bring warmth and soul to contemporary womenswear.

We, at Ordinaree pride ourselves on creating beautiful clothes that stand the test of time both in terms of their aesthetics and quality. The vibes of the tribe continue to evolve and we welcome you to bring new ones along.

Our designs have been inspired by our founder's travels across the world. The 8th Wonder of the World arrives now, with a vibe that encompasses the beauty of travel and fashion in a new way. Ordinaree embraces style for the global soul. Our collection is handmade by our skilled craftsmen,each piece is created keeping in mind the girls on the go.

Simran has built Ordinaree into a space filled with what she coveted the most. While staying up to date with current trends, she also believes that style is what stays. And that is exactly what the versatile pieces at Ordinaree offer.

As the Head Designer & founder of the brand, she aims to amalgamate her inspiration from traveling to different countries, her native lifestyle, and everything else in between.


To create a lifestyle, that's a visual feast, effortlessly.

We believe getting lost in the details is a wonderful place to be found.

It's essential to curate a soulful wardrobe, full of timeless pieces.

Beautiful pieces are meant to be passed down.

To curate a wardrobe full of magic, one that glows with each piece.

To design for the moving eye, because everything is art.

Good design is not over designed.

Perfection is imperfect, as nature dictates